For over twenty years Gary Matthews has been turning wooden salad bowls on a lathe he built to produce the style of bowls he likes, as well as carving burls and cutting boards in his workshop near the village of Tamworth ¬†Ontario. Gary’s bowls are both functional and decorative. He creates bowls, burls, platters and cutting boards in a variety of shapes and designs. His work is currently sold in select galleries across Canada.

Since Curtis was a young boy he has been surrounded by the art of wood working. At a young age he would his father Gary in the workshop to create beautiful art pieces and gained an appreciation and respect for wood turning. Since 2012 Curtis has been turning wood on the lathe and creating beautiful pieces himself under the apprenticeship of his father yet eager to become a master like Gary. Matthews Studio is now a father-son run business creating one-of-a-kind wooden bowls using locally sourced raw materials. Each individual bowl is signed by the makers themselves. Curtis has always shared the passion of wood working with his father and enjoys the abstract finished product that can be produced through natures unforeseen beauty.

Artist Statement

I have lived in rural Eastern Ontario all of my life , and have always had a love of nature in its natural state. When I was a teen harvesting firewood to heat our home I began to develop a fondness for wood and finding its hidden beauty. In secondary school I spent some time in my woodworking class learning the basics of Woodturning which I greatly enjoyed. After building my own lathe, I spent numerous days developing my own style and form that I use to this day, but with a more perfected shape and finish.

I started my own business in 1992 and greatly enjoy creating every day. I now have the pleasure of teaching my son Curtis the art of Woodturning and carving, he also has the love of wood and truly appreciates the beautiful shapes that truly emerge from wood in our studio, natures art gallery!